Looking for AMAZING results?
ATL FITNESS 24/7 Lawrenceville can help!
Our coaches specialize in ALL types of fitness training including:

-Weight loss

-Body building

-Power lifting

-General health and wellness

-Kids training

-One on one boxing/kickboxing/MMA training

-One on one self defense classes

Personal training is the BEST way to get in shape fast! ATL FITNESS 24/7 Lawrenceville can give you the best one on one coaching at any of our gyms or online!
Come in today for a FREE training session and see how we can help you get in the BEST shape of your life OR learn some great boxing/martial arts skills!



Most people join a gym with specific goals in mind. Sometimes they want to lose weight, sometimes they want to gain lean muscle mass, or sometimes they’re coming to get in better shape on doctors’ orders. No matter what your particular goals are, ATL Fitness 24/7  has personal training options that fit every need and budget.

We ensure our entire training staff is qualified by requiring them to have an NASM personal training certification, carefully vetting their references, and having our head personal trainer (who is also a purple belt in BJJ, certified trainer, and an LPN) as well as our owner (who is a certified trainer, experienced boxer, and army veteran) interview and vet their early work with us to ensure they meet our standards. Bottom line is the ownership and management at ATL FITNESS 24/7 are all outright experts in fitness/boxing/martial arts, and as such we know quality when we see it. You can’t fool us!

We can accommodate your schedule no matter what it is!

We have both male and female personal trainers on staff, and will place members with trainers based on what they want and need.

Cost varies depending on how much you want to train, but rest assured we can work with almost any budget. We have training packages that range from unlimited sessions per week, down to virtual personal training that doesn’t require actually doing sessions with the trainer, but allows us to build a custom and continually updated workout plan complete with form videos and results tracking features that will give you the benefit of a trainer’s knowledge for an economy price.

Our sessions are typically 30 minutes, but can be extended to 1 hour in certain cases.

We can accommodate personal training clients of almost any age young or old!


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